Online Piano Lessons for Kids: How to Get Them Started

Online piano lessons for kids offer a convenient way to get your children started on the piano at home. At the right age, online piano playing can provide a great way to learn this instrument. Before you sign on for an entire course of piano lessons, make sure your child is well-prepared for this new challenge. When you start your young learner at the right time, your child will find online piano lessons to be an exciting adventure.

Spark Their Interest in Piano Early

It’s never too early to introduce your child to piano music. This first step is essential for any student learning piano. Becoming familiar with a well-performed piano piece’s beautiful tone and entrancing cadence can inspire your child to pursue those same elements. Listening to classical music improves mental development by stimulating the brain to form new connections. Simply listening to classical compositions may improve motor skills, math skills, and reading skills.

Once your child has become familiar with the sound of the piano, you can introduce the instrument itself. You might start with a toy piano for a tot-size fit. If possible, choose an instrument that closely mimics the sound of a real piano rather than a toddler toy that talks or plays mechanical-sounding noises when a child presses a key.

Gauge Their Preparedness

Most children are not ready for piano lessons before age 5 or 6. Although some prodigies will apply themselves at an earlier age, these cases are rare. Your child needs to have a genuine interest in the instrument. Otherwise, your child won’t be able to keep up with the demands of formal lessons. Children may be ready for piano lessons if:

  • They can sit and focus for at least 15 minutes.
  • Their fingers are strong enough to push the piano keys.
  • They can reach five piano keys with one hand.
  • They know the alphabet.
  • They can distinguish left and right.
  • They understand the difference between high and low sounds.
  • They persist through minor setbacks and challenges.

If your child meets all these milestones and has a genuine interest in learning to play the piano, your child may be ready to pursue online piano lessons.

Schedule a Trial Lesson

It’s best to schedule a trial lesson before investing in online piano lessons for kids. This trial lesson will give you a chance to experience the unique format of an online lesson. You’ll want to make sure you have a stable internet connection and equipment to enjoy the full lessons without interruptions or issues. A trial lesson will also demonstrate whether your child can take instruction virtually. If the computer doesn’t hold your child’s attention, you may find in-person lessons a better fit to promote engaged learning.

Create a Practice Space

Students must have a space conducive to practice to succeed with their piano lessons. You should set aside a neat area containing the piano or keyboard and any support materials you’re using, such as sheet music. Ensure this part of the house is clean, well-lit, and maintained at a comfortable temperature. 

Plan to minimize distractions during practice time, particularly for young children. If the television is blaring nearby, your child will probably get distracted and have only sub-par practice sessions.

Encourage Their Progress

Piano playing for kids offers a wealth of benefits. Parents can enjoy many of these alongside their children. Young students will learn to build their confidence and express their creativity through piano lessons. Encourage your child to play for you and praise their patience, persistence, and progress throughout their journey.

You may want to set up a reward system when young children follow through with their practice time. Plan a special ice cream outing after your child learns a new song or finishes a particular course. Invite family and friends over for a private concert and let your child dress up and enjoy an afternoon as the star of the show. Your support can make a dramatic difference in the learning experience.

Classical music offers many known benefits for babies and children. Online piano lessons for children present a natural way to enjoy this music. If your child shows signs of readiness, you can begin this journey with confidence. You may be amazed at the benefits that online piano lessons for kids can offer your child.


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