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Guitar Lessons Online for Aspiring Virtuosos

What is it about the guitar that moves you, or that makes you feel like that is the instrument you must learn? The guitar is among the most versatile and universally appreciated instruments. Whether it is the emotional building of the acoustic or the bass’s heavy swing rhythms, the guitar is majestic, eclectic, and new age.

Learning the guitar is not as simple as it may initially appear. Many prospective students have unrealistic expectations because of the instrument’s popularity, but the guitar requires dedication and practice, like any other instrument. And, as with any other musical instrument, proper instruction can go a long way toward creating the performer you want to be.

The instructors at Broadway Lessons are committed to your future success. As experienced professionals from the theater and Broadway, they know what it takes to succeed and work in the music industry.

Developing Your Skills for Professional Success

Many beginning musicians and guitarists only want to focus on the shortcuts to playing songs, and there are shortcuts. However, focusing on quick ways to play some semblance of a piece is not the same as learning to play the guitar. Truthfully, practicing too many shortcuts can lead to bad habits, which are challenging to unlearn.

When working with us, the objective is simple: Learn how to play an instrument like a professional. Our instructors are not interested in providing quick results. They want students to grasp the guitar and music theory basics, progressing naturally toward more advanced music pieces.

As a student, it is essential to base your expectations on reality. After your first sessions, you may not come out playing like Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page. While it is excellent to have ambition, our instructors will make sure you stay focused on developing your skills. They will do so entertainingly and encouragingly, ensuring you stay motivated throughout the learning process.

Picking the Right Teacher for Your Style

Every instructor with Broadway Lessons is hand-selected and verified. We only want working musicians and professionals with the resume to prove their expertise. When working with us, you know that you are getting a cutting edge education in music and guitar theory. We have instructors with Broadway, stage, and studio experience who can play in various styles.

If you want a guitar virtuoso, check out Zachary Larson, or if you want to learn to play and sing, consider Kayla Kirk. Several guitar teachers are offering their services through our school, providing students access to individuals with real-world insight into the professional world of music, who are dedicated to your future success.

Building on Current Skills for Future Success

When prospective students read about our instructors’ experience, they can feel overwhelmed, like they cannot take instruction from such people. However, remember we all start somewhere. Even professionals had to learn the fundamentals and become the masters you see on our instructors’ page.

Whether you are coming to us as a complete beginner or an intermediate to advanced player, our teachers are here for you. They will evaluate your current skills and build on your progress. You do not need to understand guitar chords or music theory before you start, so take a breath and imagine where you can go with the right teacher. With dedication and practice, you can move beyond recitals to the big stage, playing backup to Grammy award-winning artists or be a part of the band for a Tony Award-winning play.

Learning From What Motivates You

What type of guitarist would you like be? Do you like listening to classical, Americana, or rock? No matter your genre of choice, your instructor will make sure that you do not grow tired of the music you’re learning.

Most instructors want to work with your interests to ensure you stay motivated. Do not be surprised if your teacher asks about your favorite guitar solos or artists. They want to help you build a repertoire of songs that you can go to for inspiration and auditions. After all, the goal when working with our school is to develop the skills necessary for professional placement. We want you to thrive, and the best way to do that is to work with what motivates you: your style or genre of choice.

Preparing for Auditions and Performances

While there is no shame in learning to play the guitar for the sheer joy of it, most students have goals or ambitions for professional play. Our instructors work with such students to perfect their song selections. We will help students break a piece into smaller, manageable parts, allowing for a progressive mastery of the song.


Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons are challenging, and as with most new skills, require significant focus and motivation. Therefore, you must learn in a way and in an environment you are comfortable. That is why we offer virtual, online guitar lessons on Zoom. This allows you to create a space in which you are the most comfortable learning the guitar. 

Are you interested in guitar lessons? Look no further than Broadway Lessons. Call us at (212) 464-7323, or fill our contact form.

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