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What do you love about the theater? Is it the magical performances that transport you to a different time and place, or the musical overtures that make you feel the acts’ emotion? Whatever your reason for loving plays, bands, or orchestras, it is the director or conductor who paves the way. These leaders ensure that the timing and action are coordinated, that the audience ebbs and flows with the performers, and turn dialogue and movements into engaging experiences that leave you in awe.

The director is the leader of the performance. All other instrumentalists and actors look to him or her for instruction. There is a specific power and appeal to being a conductor or director, but the confidence does not happen overnight. While a director controls the theater, they must learn, master, and appreciate music and theater theory’s fundamental rules.

Do you watch in amazement as the conductor waves their baton, telling the drums to roll or the horns to blow? You can see yourself in that position of prominence and respect, can’t you? Broadway Lessons can help you get there. With patience, practice, and focus, we can make your dreams a reality.

Creating a Stage Presence

What type of director do you want to be? Do you want to stand out, or would you instead let the end product speak for your skills? Directors and conductors run the gamut of personality types, but there is no denying that they all had stage presence.

A successful director commands respect, and they have the vision to transform familiar theater or music into unbelievable and desirable experiences. To shine as a conductor, you must learn the inner workings of the stage and music theory. While you do not need to play multiple instruments or have tremendous acting chops, you must know what it takes to motivate those that do, and you need to recognize skill and mastery. In essence, you must carry a genuine appreciation for the craft and real respect for the artistry.

Working With Real Professionals

There is a distinct difference between knowledge and skill. While a person can master the fundamental components of theater or music through educational programs, they do not earn the status as an expert without professional experience. Why would you want to learn from someone without real-world experience, especially if your goal is to have a Broadway career or work in the theater?

Broadway Lessons only works with experienced and working professionals. Our instructors, like Dave Klondowki, Howard Kilik, Meg Zervoulis, and Nathaniel Beliveau, all have many years in theater production, including conducting and directing.

By working with real professionals, you will learn not only the fundamentals of directing, but you will also learn from practical applications. Your instructor will help you understand what conducting in front of a live audience is like and teach you how important your role is to the cast and instrumentalists.


Learning and Building Confidence

Directors need to trust their interpretation of the theater piece. As the leader, your confidence drives the performance and performers. When conducting a piece of music, a director embodies the song. The instrumentalists can see their parts and timing in the wave or inflection of a hand or arm movement.

Developing the required level of confidence does not happen quickly. You need to learn to trust your interpretations and vision for a piece. The only way to build confidence is through practice and critique. Your instructors will work with you to create a repertoire of movements and knowledge, allowing you to feel comfortable in your ability. This feeling of comfort will eventually manifest into confidence.


Finding the Best Path for Individual Success

Directors indeed work with groups of actors or instrumentalists, but that does not mean that’s how they start. Before you can command a stage full of performers, you need to learn to control the materials. However, learning any new skill can lead to worry and frustration, so it is necessary to keep the process as comfortable as possible.

We believe that every person should learn in a way that suits them. Therefore, we offer virtual instruction directing lessons, private in-person instruction, and group classes. There is no need to feel more pressure than is normal when learning a new skill.

Directing Lessons

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