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Drum Lessons Online From Working Professionals

With real-world broadway and theater experience, the instructors here at Broadway lessons are experts in their craft. When studying percussion, particularly the drums, having world-class instruction is crucial. There is no way we can expect our students’ best without expecting it from our teachers first.

Drums are among the most instrumental elementals in a band or orchestra. The percussion section carries the beat and rhythm of a song, often associated with the music’s heartbeat. All other instrument sections depend on the drums’ metronome pace, which is why many drummers consider themselves leaders.

To play the drums requires confidence. Unfortunately, because many students lack confidence going into drum lessons, they shy away from perfecting their craft. Every drummer starts with the basics, and the confidence comes with practice, patience, and guidance.

Acquiring Confidence With Baby Steps

Our instructors meet students at their level. If you are a beginner or intermediate drummer, your instructor will find the areas you struggle with and build from there. Even more advanced players can find room to improve. The key is to maintain focus and drive without giving up on the learning process. Unfortunately, too many percussion students give up before experiencing their first success.

When working with our instructors, it is critical to express your motivations and concerns. The teachers will work with you to ensure you maintain excitement in your practice. Still, it is also their job to ensure that you are not trying to advance too quickly, leading to missteps, leading to difficulty, and possibly giving up.

Building Skills With Real-World Professionals

The pivotal experience when committing to Broadway Lessons is practicing and performing with real-world professionals. Our drum instructors represent the high caliber talent you would expect from industry leaders.

Dwayne Jordan is a multi-faceted instrumentalist with a career spanning over ten years. He has performed with Grammy winners and in front of live audiences and on TV in his time. Jordan offers private drum lessons for not only aspiring percussionists but bassists and pianists as well.

Max Braunstein is a percussionist marvel, touring with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s national tour, playing on the New York Giants drum line, working as the University of Miami drumline’s assistant director, and the house drummer for New York’s Best Musicians. Take private sessions or participate in star classes to take advantage of Braunstein’s expertise.


Foundational Focus is Key To Future Success

Instructors’ goal is percussion success, which is understanding and implementing the foundational elements of music theory and rhythm and tempo. Trying to brush past these critical components will only lead to performance failure and challenges. Our instructors understand the importance of foundational skills. They will not move ahead to more advanced practices and abilities until you, as the student, have a solid grasp of the basics.

While the focus on fundamentals can discourage many prospective students who want to hop right into drum solos like Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick,” these expectations are unrealistic. You may not master the most challenging solos without first learning the basics, and our teachers will help you do just that.

Choosing Songs You Want To Learn

It is challenging to stay focused on music lessons and theory when the instruction does not have any practical application for you. Students learn better when they are motivated by the materials, so most instructors will want to focus on your musical interests. Do you like musical theater or experimental metal?

When an instructor knows what you want, they will do their best to find pieces that fit your style and repertoire. The goal of instruction is not to make carbon copies of instructors. The goal is to create unique musicians with personal style and expression.

Guiding Students To Milestone Performances or Auditions

When learning any new instrument, the objective is to establish enough skill to perform in front of others and potentially obtain work as a performer. When working with our instructors, you will go beyond the basics to master your instrument of choice. Every student will perfect a piece of music throughout their time with us, leading to an eventual recital.

Beyond recitals, if a student wants help with a piece for an audition, your instructor will help break the song into manageable parts, allowing you to perfect a small portion at a time. Incremental learning seems to work well for most students.


Online Drum Lessons

Learning the drums takes patience, practice, and confidence.  Therefore, you must learn in a way and in an environment you are comfortable. That is why we offer virtual, online drum lessons on Zoom. This allows you to create a space in which you are the most comfortable learning the drums.

Our skilled and industry-experienced professionals have what it takes to turn you into a master percussionist. If you want to learn more, call Broadway Lessons at (212) 464-7323, or fill out our contact form.

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