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How do I register for classes? Will someone help me find the best teacher?

Broadway Lessons will take care of placing you with a great teacher who is perfect for your needs. If you are interested in a specific teacher, please let us know. We will arrange your lessons. We will work with your schedule and the teacher’s schedule to arrange the perfect time.

Which is better for me - a Star* class or an individual lesson?
Our one-on-one lessons are 100% customized to meet your goals and are a great way to accelerate your progress. Taking Star* classes are a great way to learn from Broadway’s finest. These lessons follow more of a classroom style setting with multiple students, but you still get individual attention.
How do I pay for lessons?

Once you are registered in our system, you can simply have your account on autopay, which will be billed on the 1st of the month.

Is there a multi-student or multi- lesson discount?

Yes! Broadway Lessons© will work you and the instructors to provide these discounts.

What are the teachers’ backgrounds? How do you hire them?

The beauty of Broadway Lessons© is that we take care of everything. We pre-screen all applicants to evaluate their professional background and teaching experience, plus we conduct criminal background checks. All of our teachers have performed or worked in a Broadway or professional theatre setting. We take great pride in providing a top quality, safe experience for all of our students. For the beginners, we have hired a specific staff perfect for working with those who want to learn the basics before connecting to a Broadway professional.

Will there be a recital and where will it be?

Our recitals will be the experience of a lifetime. Once a year we will invite you and your teacher to perform live in New York City. This will be a red carpet affair that will have students perform their craft on stage with their Broadway Star teacher.

In the event that a live performance can not be arranged, accommodations will be made for a virtual recital.

What is the age range of the students?

That is a great question. Most teachers request that their students be at least five or six years old. If a student is younger than that, we can arrange a trial lesson just to make sure the child is ready for lessons Also, you are never too old to take lessons. We currently have students well into their 80’s.

What if I need to reschedule my lesson or can’t make a lesson?

That is not a problem. Broadway Lessons will take care of all your scheduling needs. All we need is a 24 hour notice so we can schedule a make up lesson. Our teachers are independent contractors and receive their schedules the night before. Because of this, we can not offer make-up lessons after we send their schedules. Those lessons will be forfeited. If you cannot make a Star* class, we can not offer a make-up lesson.

Why are the prices different for each teacher?

Depending on the teacher’s experience, Broadway Lessons works with teachers to determine a fair lesson rate for our students. This is another great reason to take lessons through us because we will handle all the negotiations for you.

What are virtual lessons?

Broadway Lessons works with the teachers to determine a fair lesson rate based upon their experience.

A virtual lesson is having a music lesson in the comfort of your house. The day before your set lesson’s time your dedicated staff member will send you an email inviting you to your lesson. Lessons will take place on Zoom or if need be on Google Hangout. It will be like the teacher is sitting right next to you. Lessons can come with weekly homework or projects dependent on the teacher and type of lesson or class.

How do we connect with our instructor?

-Broadway Lessons connects you to your instructor using Google Meets; you will receive a calendar invite that you can easily add to your calendar making it convenient for you to log into your lessons~ simply click the link attached to the invite. We will also be sure to email you the link to connect. All you have to do is make sure you have a stable internet connection, a camera and microphone – if you are using a smartphone be sure to download the Google Meets app! All of the calendar invites are setup with notifications so you never miss a lesson

What are the advantages of online lessons?

-Learn from anywhere! As long as you have a stable internet connection and a computer or smartphone you can take lessons virtually anywhere

-Use the technology to your advantage; our instructors are trained to use the applications and other software technology to bring you the most well rounded lessons on the internet!

-Safe and Convenient 

-Flexible Scheduling 

-Personalized Learning


-Efficiency: studies show online students tend to achieve the same learning results in half the time as classroom-based students

-Encouragement: Our online instructors can use games, social media, virtual badges and other engaging technologies to motivate students and enhance learning

What kind of student does well with online learning?

-Students who excel in online courses are generally organized, motivated, and independent; our online instructors make the lessons fun while our staff make staying organized easy and convenient for you! We set reminders, offer special events to our students both virtual and in person, and confirm stable connections to your instructor each week!

What do I do if I have questions for my instructor when we are not connected?

-Simply email anytime or call 212-464-7323 Monday through Friday 9AM-6PM CST and Saturday 10AM-4PM CST with any questions or information you would like to pass along to your instructor. You can also email your instructor at their school account once you are enrolled full time.

What methods will be used to teach my online lessons?

-You and the instructor will meet in live lessons each week through a virtual connection. Instructors will create a personalized lesson plan based off of your goals as a creative. Some lessons may include and are not limited to pre-recorded lectures, videos, podcasts, PowerPoint slides, blog posts and more depending on your instructor and your personalized lesson plan.

What technical skills do online students need when enrolled in Broadway Lessons?

NONE! We have a support team to walk you through getting properly connected to your instructor. We make it easy and convenient for you so you can focus on perfecting your craft.

What technology requirements must online students meet?

-All you need for your lessons with Broadway Lessons is a stable internet connection and either a desktop/laptop with a camera and microphone or a smartphone!

How do I register for online lessons with Broadway Lessons?

-Enrollment is done over the phone. It takes five minutes to enroll with Broadway Lessons!

How do I pay for online lessons with Broadway Lessons?

-Once you have enrolled, we bill you on the 1st of every month automatically.

Are there any in person events offered from the online lessons with Broadway Lessons?

-Yes! There will be an in person recital hosted in New York on Broadway street each year. Current students. re invited well in advance so that proper travel arrangements can be made.

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