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String Instrument Lessons Online

Learn To Play a Stringed Instrument Online From Broadway Lessons

String instruments, such as the violin, are common in orchestras and smaller ensembles. They are versatile and found in all genres in music, from the classical to the contemporary. String instruments are reputed to resemble the human voice most closely. This may be part of the reason for their wide popularity.

If you’re interested in playing the violin or a similar instrument, you can start taking string lessons no matter the age or level of experience. Broadway Lessons offers one-on-one or class instruction from seasoned professionals in the field, giving you the benefit of real-world experience.

String Instruments Available To Learn Through Broadway Lessons

Though string instruments are common in all musical genres, many people recognize them primarily from the orchestra, making up the bulk of the ensemble. We offer string lessons on the following orchestral instruments:

  • Cello
  • Violin
  • Upright Bass

Another string instrument that you can study with one of our instructors is the ukulele. Though not often found in most orchestras, the ukulele is a popular instrument because of its unique sound. Learning the ukulele offers many of the same benefits as learning to play other string instruments. Additionally, it is an often inexpensive, easily portable instrument that allows you to accompany yourself while singing if you desire.

Benefits of Learning a String Instrument for Children

Many people who went on to become professional musicians began learning when they were very young. However, your child can benefit from learning to play a string instrument even if he or she does not go on to play professionally. Taking string lessons can significantly benefit children:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Socially
  • Academically

When children are young, they are still developing fine motor skills and dexterity. String instruments require nimble and precise movements of the fingers, which helps them to develop these skills. Playing string instruments also promotes better posture and stamina from learning to hold a position for long periods without muscle strain.

Young people often experience complicated emotions that they do not know how to express, especially as they become adolescents. Music allows kids to express some of these deep feelings in a way that is positive and creative for better emotional health.

Playing a string instrument gives kids confidence that helps them relate more positively with their peers. When young people play together in an ensemble, it gives them the common ground needed to form new friendships, some of which may last a lifetime.

Music can help your child’s academic growth by engaging the entire brain in learning through a multisensory experience. Even listening to music passively while studying can have some educational benefit, but the gains are greater when your child is active in learning to play the music directly. Research has shown that learning to play music helps kids learn vital math and language skills. Studying a string instrument can also develop other skills that are important to your child’s academic life:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Focus and concentration
  • Hard work and persistence

Skills such as these continue to benefit your child throughout his or her educational career into later life. Employers look specifically for soft skills such as these in potential job candidates, no matter the professional field.

Girl Playing Violin

Benefits of Learning a String Instrument for Adults

While many musicians do start learning to play as children, this is by no means a requirement. If you are an adult interested in learning a string instrument, the only thing stopping you is your inhibitions. We offer learning opportunities to people of all ages, and some of our students are 80 years old or more. We also provide instruction for all experience levels, so whether you want to take up an instrument again after taking lessons as a child or a complete beginner, we have a program that will suit you.

Many of the benefits of learning an instrument as an adult are similar to the benefits for children. All the life experience you bring to your lessons may give you some advantages that a child learning to play would not have.

Scientists agree that physical activity throughout your life is important for maintaining health and flexibility. Anyone who has learned to play a string instrument can confirm that it is still a physical activity that engages your whole body, particularly your upper extremities. Some research suggests that learning to play a string instrument can help prevent osteoarthritis and other age-related degenerative conditions of the body or mind.

Learn To Play From the Professionals

Our instructors on string instruments include professionals such as Zoe Miller, Luis Ramos, and Emily Borromeo. Like all Broadway Lessons instructors, each has professional performing experience and an impressive list of credits, whether onstage, on camera, or behind the scenes.

We offer online string instrument lessons that way you can learn in an environment that makes you comfortable. If you are interested in online stringed instrument lessons, contact us through our website to get started today.

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