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Learn Piano Online From Classical To Contemporary


We, here at Broadway Lessons, believe that every person has a creative spirit just waiting to shine. Our instructors are leading experts with real-world broadway and theater experience. We only want the best for our students, especially when practicing and learning the piano.

The piano is among the most beautiful stringed and percussion instrument, with the ability to swell and hammer, building beautiful emotion into a performance. The instrument also acts as both a traditional and contemporary instrument, adding flare and pomp to any production.

Unfortunately, many interested students shy away from the piano because of its size and apparent complexity. Do not let that stop you. We are here to make the instrument approachable.

Developing the Skills You Need To Lead

Many people struggle to keep up with instrument lessons because it takes time to develop any real skill. While you will not be a maestro by the end of your first few piano lessons, you will find you can carry a simple melody. The rapid reward of playing a recognizable song like Greensleeves is motivating. Students recognize their ability to play a piece of music early on, which encourages further practice.

Our instructors will build on that initial excitement to help you develop your skills. The goal of our online piano lessons is not to create a novice player. We want to help develop your skills to a professional level, encouraging you to audition and perhaps even lead performances.

Working With Composers and Experienced Pianists

When you commit to Broadway Lessons, you know you are not dealing with average musical instructors. We vet all of our teaching applicants, ensuring they are respected and experienced professionals. We do not take the Broadway name lightly, as it is a symbol of excellence and desire. Every teacher we work with has a background in performance, meaning that you will get a taste of real-world expectations.

We have experienced composers and concert pianists, like Howard Kilik and Julian Blackmore. We also have expert pianists experienced with teaching musical theory, like Meg Zervoulis. By working with high-caliber professionals, like our teachers, you can rest assured that you will develop your performance and improvisational skills.

Building a Proper Foundation, Allowing for Future Creative Freedom

Too many beginning students possess unrealistic expectations. You can not expect to walk out of your first piano lesson playing a flawless rendition of Stravinsky’s Trois mouvements de Petrouchka. Mastering the piano and the most complex pieces of music takes time, practice, and patience. Our instructors do not want to rush their students. Instead, they want to help you build a strong foundation, including hand posture, musical notation, and timing.

While most students want to rush through the foundational learning stages, these structural areas are necessary for future development and creativity. There is an old saying that creative freedom depends on learning the structure, so you know how, when, and why to break the rules. Do not be in too much of a hurry to improvise, first learn, and master the essential skills.



Establishing Confidence Through a Personal Repertoire

Sure, learning the fundamentals can sound boring, but no one said it has to be. Our instructors like to make the process more exciting by delving into your musical preferences. Are you more of a classical piano buff, or do you prefer pop or contemporary? Working with your instructor, you can build a song list or repertoire. When finished with your lessons, you can work from that personal song database to improvise and develop your style.

Taking Baby Steps To Ensure Audition and Performance Success

When you grasp the foundational elements and are ready to audition or perform in front of an audience, your instructor will help develop a practice schedule for the piece or pieces you are working on. The idea is to build success incrementally, adding on as you master smaller portions of the song. This baby step approach will help you perfect even the most challenging piano compositions.

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Comfortable Learning Space

We believe that being comfortable allows for faster progress. Because of that belief,  we offer virtual, online piano lessons on Zoom. This allows you to create a space in which you are the most comfortable learning the piano. 

We want to help you perfect your piano skills and craft a killer performance. While we cannot guarantee your success because that depends on your commitment level, we are incredibly supportive and dedicated to our students’ enrichment and learning at Broadway Lessons. If you dream of playing the piano and steered clear of the aspiration because you feel intimidated, stop second-guessing your desires and ability. Everyone has a right to go after their goals, and we would be privileged if we can help in any possible way. To learn more about Broadway piano lessons, contact us at (212) 464-7323, or fill out our contact form.

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