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Do you want to blow like Louis Armstrong, serenade like Kenny G, or take harmonies to a new level like Bobby Hackett? Brass instruments have a way of inflection that makes them perfect for the theater. Trumpets can punch and cry; saxophones can whisper and romance.

There are many reasons to love brass instruments, but for many aspiring players, the first time they heard a great is the start of the desire or motivation. While we cannot promise that you will become a legend, Broadway Lessons will provide the opportunity to hone your skills with working musicians.

By working with professionals, you can rest assured that your playing will improve as long as you commit to the educational process of practice and determination. We can promise that our instructors will work at least as hard as you, helping to build the foundation and confidence you need to succeed on Broadway and theater productions.

Taking the First Step Towards Stardom

Learning to play any instrument is not a straightforward process. Every student will have strengths and weaknesses. The instructor must assess your abilities and customize a lesson plan that suits your current skillset. The program will include a rudimentary timeline for progression; instructors design it this way to ensure that your lessons keep up with your pace and not the other way around.

Stress and rushing do not make for productive practice. We understand the need for compassion and partnering. Your teacher is your partner in this learning journey, and you must trust them to lead you cautiously, ensuring mastery of necessary skills before moving onto more advanced techniques.

Letting Professionals Take the Reigns

Our school’s primary aim is to connect students with experienced and working Broadway, theater, and performance professionals. Using instructors with a background in performance and theater, our students gain insight into the industry and life as a real-world musician. Too many music teachers have academic knowledge with no practical experience, and we feel that it is not acceptable for future performers.

We do not merely want our students to learn how to play a brass instrument online. We want them to hone their skills, yes, but we also want them to take those brass lessons and apply them to a professional setting. We want them to understand how to find an audition and prepare for it. With our school and instructors, students will have a partner for their fledgling or future careers.

Learning Technique and Crafting Personal Style

While we take a professional approach, meaning a focus on music careers, we do not rush or pressure students toward any end goal. Like any other music school, our objective is to instill a love and appreciation for the instruments and music.

We ensure that every student learns and masters technique. Understanding the correct way to play an instrument is crucial, especially when students develop their playing style later. Like the adage says, you need to know the rules before you can break them.

Our approach’s beauty is students have access to professionals who already developed their skills and style, meaning they are unique to lead learners. Our instructors at Broadway Lessons are not only teachers but also guides into the professional world.

Building a Musical Library

When starting with our school, many students worry that they do not know enough about the instrument they want to learn or are not familiar with enough pieces. Do not fret. Our school does not discriminate against beginners or the experienced. We always want to meet you where you live, meaning teach at your level.

Our instructors can work with any level player. While students may not be familiar with songs for a specific instrument, they will have a custom music library in their head by the time they finish their brass lessons. Many instructors will even work with students to find pieces that match genres or tastes, making learning more fun and motivational.

Preparing for a Performance or Audition

As you progress through your lessons, becoming more comfortable and confident, you will probably want to audition or perform. While some performers are excellent at improvisation, most players will want to prepare several pieces for stressful events.

Your brass instructor can help you design a practice schedule for the piece or part you want to play. Every piece of music is more comfortable to learn when broken down into smaller chunks. Then, you master a tiny section, adding each additional part until the song is complete. Our instructors love audition prep and song breakdowns. They understand everything is a learning opportunity.

Playing Tenor Saxophone

Brass Lessons Online for Comfortable Learning

Learning a brass instrument can be rewarding and challenging. Therefore, you must learn in a way and in an environment you are comfortable. That is why we offer virtual, online brass lessons on Zoom. This allows you to create a space in which you are the most comfortable learning a brass instrument. 

Do you want to take brass lessons? Contact Broadway Lessons by calling (212) 464-7323 or filling out our online form.

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