5 Big Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

A rite of passage for most children is taking music lessons, and with good reason. From learning to play an instrument to strengthening vocal range, music lessons for kids offer significant benefits that last a lifetime and are bigger than just an appreciation of the fine arts. Want to know more about the advantages of signing up for classes with Broadway Lessons? These five reasons may convince you to enroll your child in online music lessons.

1. Building Confidence With Broadway Lessons

Unlike traditional music classes at school, music lessons for kids can be individual or in small groups. Your child receives personalized attention with feedback, constructive criticism, and praise for the effort he or she puts into practicing a piece of music and working on technique. Those skills can boost your kid’s self-esteem, which can give him or her confidence in other areas of life. That increased confidence from online music lessons may show up in trying new things at school or bolster relationships with friends.

Music Lessons for Kids

2. Expressing Creativity

When kids take Broadway Lessons, they learn how to express themselves. Not only does that self-expression allow for more creativity while experimenting with notes and melodies, but it also can carry over to inspiration in other avenues. Your child can connect better with their emotions and see the value of using musical skills to enhance mood and find solutions to issues away from those online music lessons. Remember, creativity applies to more than fine arts. It’s also a valuable life skill that encompasses critical thinking and problem-solving. These skills become hard-wired for children who start music at an earlier age in their way of thinking.

3. Promoting Patience at Broadway Lessons

Most kids function in a fast-paced world that demands immediate attention and connection. Unfortunately, one of the offshoots of modern life is a lack of patience and discipline, as some children may expect instant gratification from minimal work. Music lessons for kids are all about practicing to master skills such as reading music, fine motor strength, vocal range and control, and even commitment to tasks both big and small. When children take in-person or online music lessons, they have no shortcuts to avoid hard work. They also learn that the payoff is worth it, as playing or singing a difficult piece to their satisfaction is its reward.

4. Setting Up Social Success

You may think that individual lessons do not have an impact on a child’s social skills. Still, opportunities exist for social interaction, especially as a student continues online or in-person music lessons. Music recitals allow children to take turns playing or singing a piece they have learned. Group lessons or band practice requires cooperation and teamwork to perfect performance. These interactive opportunities help kids understand the value of collaboration, compassion, and compromise, all of which can improve relationships with peers and adults.

Music Lessons for Kids

5. Powering Brains at Broadway Lessons

Perhaps the biggest benefit your child receives from online music lessons is brainpower. Researchers have observed how music improves mental abilities, ranging from better math scores to ease at learning languages. Just look at these cognitive skills that are better because of music lessons for kids:

  • Visual, verbal, auditory, and spatial short-term memory improvement
  • Greater academic performance in humanities and STEM subjects
  • Engagement of more brain capacity and stimulation
  • Increased blood flow through brain tissue
  • Higher standardized test scores and IQ
  • Improved stress management and relaxation ability
  • Better hand-eye coordination
  • Superior language comprehension and retention
  • Long-term mental plasticity and reaction time

Scientific studies have determined that the earlier children begin music lessons, either in person or online, the more advantages they can have over their lifetimes. Those memory abilities, for example, not only can make schoolwork more manageable, but they also may help ward off some forms of dementia and hearing loss as they approach older adulthood.

Enroll in Online Music Lessons

The trained musicians on staff at Broadway Lessons understand the value of these benefits for your children. With group and individual lessons taught by professional performers, your child can have the training and experience to prepare them for the challenges they may face throughout their lives. Contact us to learn more about the programs we offer.

5 Big Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids | Broadway Lessons


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