What Instruments Can I Learn To Play with Online Music Lessons?

Learning to play an instrument can be an enriching experience, yet many people deny themselves because of the costs involved or the difficulty of working lessons into a busy schedule. Online music lessons and broadway lessons are available on all sorts of instruments for kids and adults alike and can make learning a more comfortable and convenient tool.

What Instruments Can You Learn to Play With Online Music Lessons?

With the rise of videoconferencing technology, your music teacher can hear and observe everything you do, almost as though they were sitting or standing right next to you. As a result, it is possible to learn nearly any instrument through online music lessons. The following instruments are among the most popular.

online music lessons teaching drums


Just as the heart is vital to the body, drums are crucial to any musical ensemble. Whether an orchestra or a rock band, the drums set the pace that the other instruments must follow and keep the rhythm steady. Learning to play the drums builds confidence and leadership skills.


Often used to accompany other musicians, the piano is also highly valued as a solo instrument. Because of its wide range, the piano is a highly versatile instrument. Playing the piano requires you to develop many skill subsets, such as reading music and developing manual dexterity. Learning the piano can also help you pick up other instruments later, as many of those skills are directly transferrable.


If you’re seeking an instrument that is accessible and portable, the ukulele may be the instrument for you. Based on the Portuguese Branguina and further adapted in Hawaii, the ukulele is one of the most popular string instruments to learn. Several factors may account for the ukulele’s popularity:

  • The ukulele is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Its simplicity and petite size make it easy for both children and adults to handle and play
  • Compared to other musical instruments, a ukulele is relatively inexpensive, meaning you aren’t making a high-risk investment upfront

Learning to play a musical instrument is not the only option for online music lessons. If you are a singer, your voice is your instrument, and singing lessons are available online.

What Are the Advantages of Online Music Lessons?

While there are many different ways to learn to play or sing, online music lessons offer unique advantages.

Greater Safety

Many parents are concerned about unnecessarily exposing their children to infectious diseases, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual music lessons for kids allow your child to learn in the safety of your own home.

woman learning to play violin with online music lessons

Greater Convenience

Online music lessons offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to when and how you learn. Instead of scheduling a time and then traveling to your instructor’s studio, you choose a time that fits into your itinerary and can have your lesson at home or wherever is most convenient for you.

Greater Comfort

Learning to play music gradually builds confidence, but many students, especially children, are self-conscious when they first start. Online music lessons allow you or your child to learn in a setting that is already comfortable and familiar. This can help set you at ease when you are first learning. As your skills improve, your confidence increases to the point where you can play almost anywhere.

Greater Cost Savings

Because there is no need to travel to your lessons, you can save money on gasoline and other transportation costs. This is beneficial if you live in a rural area where you might otherwise have to travel to a different town to find a suitable instructor.

Greater Access to Quality Instructors

Finding a teacher who suits your learning style can have a big influence on your progress, but when your options are limited by in-person instruction, you may have to settle on a teacher who is less than ideal, and your progress may suffer as a result. When instruction takes place online, distance is no object. This can give you access to higher-quality instructors than you may encounter otherwise, making it easier to find one who can teach in the most effective way for you.

Pursue Your Dreams With Online Music Lessons

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