Aaron Cloutier

Aaron Cloutier is a musician, composer, multiinstrumentalist, producer and educator. For the last 19 years, Aaron has dedicated his life to his professional musical pursuits and has refined his expertise in the Metal/Rock/Alternative/Progressive/ Electronic and Experimental genres.
Beginning as a guitar player at the age of 16 with roots in Thrash Metal, Aaron has expanded his playing to adopt influences from Jazz, Folk, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock as well as elements of Shred and even World music. After a year of private music instruction, Aaron’s pursuits led him to study songwriting, singing and production resulting in a 15 song demo under the name “DAVOLA”.
By this time Aaron was teaching guitar privately and honing his guitar, vocal, songwriting and production skills on his various projects both personal as well as collaborative before deciding to further his education.
In the summer of 2009, Aaron relocated to Arizona and attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to study music production and audio engineering.
Upon graduation, Aaron had the privilege of assisting on “Dead New World” (Victory Records). The 2010 release from Latin Metal band Ill Nino where he handled recording duties for 90% of the vocals for the project. Earning him an assistant engineer credit on a record released worldwide in the process.
Since the release of “Dead New World” Aaron spent 9 years as a Guitar and Vocal instructor at the School of Rock in Chatham, NJ and then later on at School of Rock Louisville. When he is not teaching or composing his own music, Aaron works as a hired gun collaborating with various musicians from all over the world ranging from independent artists and producers to music companies the likes of Korora Audio, Redwirez and Ugritone. He even had a chance to work with world renowned actor Sir Christopher Lee. He lives for the creative process and continues to compose on a near daily basis.


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July 20, 2020