Terron Brooks
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  • The Lion King (Simba)
  • Hairspray

Broadway Tours

  • The Lion King (Simba)
  • Hairspray 1st National
  • Grease!

Regional Theatre

  • Ragtime (Coalhouse)
  • Sweet Charity** (Daddy Brubeck)
  • Raisin* (Asagai)

Artist Tours

  • Phil Collins
  • Matthew Morrison- New Kids on the Block/ Backstreet Boys Tour


  • Emmy Award Winning The Temptations Mini-Series (Eddie Kendricks)
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm with Lin Manuel Miranda
  •  The Voice with One Republic
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Keala Settle (This Is Me) Matthew Morrison

*2x NAACP Nominee for Best Supporting Actor

**Ovation Nominee for Best Featured Actor

What I Offer

= Star Classes (focused group classes with the experts of our staff!) CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

Vocal Coach

Private One on One Lessons


30 Minutes

1 Hours




Music Theater – POP! 

Learn how to stand out on the stage by mastering the POP sound currently taking over Broadway! Focus on POP repertoire


Backstage Pass

Time to bust the industry myths; get all the ins and outs of navigating the professional Broadway world through auditioning,learning the business, branding and self tapes


Finding the Songs, Finding Your Voice

Learn how to properly build your audition book and singing repertoire: for the singing actor and find your individual authentic signature voice


Songolouges – Acting the Song 

Learn how to properly build your audition book and singing repertoire: for the singing actor and find your individual authentic signature voice


Media Links

The Music of the Night

Performed by Terron Brooks

History Has It's Eyes on You

Performed by Terron Brooks

Terron Brooks Music


Performed by Terron Brooks

Endless Night

Performed by Terron Brooks


How do I register for classes?

Simply fill out the Get Started form and Broadway Lessons© will then take care of placing you with a great teacher who is perfect for your needs. If you are interested in a specific teacher, please let us know. We will arrange your lessons. We will work with your schedule and the teacher’s schedule to arrange the perfect time.

Which is better for me - a Star* class or an individual lesson?

Our one-on-one lessons are 100% customized to meet your goals and are a great way to accelerate your progress. Taking Star* classes are a great way to learn from Broadway’s finest. These lessons follow more of a classroom style setting with multiple students, but you still get individual attention.

What is the age range of the students?

That is a great question. Most teachers request that their students be at least five or six years old. If a student is younger than that, we can arrange a trial lesson just to make sure the child is ready for lessons. Also, you are never too old to take lessons. We currently have students well into their 80’s.

What are virtual lessons?

Broadway Lessons works with the teachers to determine a fair lesson rate based upon their experience. A virtual lesson is having a music lesson in the comfort of your house. The day before your set lesson’s time your dedicated staff member will send you an email inviting you to your lesson. Lessons will take place on Zoom or if need be on Google Hangout. It will be like the teacher is sitting right next to you. Lessons can come with weekly homework or projects dependent on the teacher and type of lesson or class.

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