6 Acting Tips to Succeed when Starting Acting Lessons

If you are an aspiring actor, taking an action lesson is one of the best ways to hone your craft. Taking acting lessons will expose you to other actors, allow you to learn from an experienced professional, and provide you with a forum to practice your skills. If you recently signed up for your first acting class, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most out of the experience. Here are six acting tips to help you succeed when taking acting classes. 

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Check Out These 6 Acting Tips

Know Your Lesson Expectations

Most instructors will outline class expectations on the first day of lessons. Some teachers have specific rules they want you to follow, while others are more relaxed in their approach to teaching. If the teacher does not outline certain expectations, skip the confusion, and ask. Ask when you are expected to arrive at class, whether homework will be assigned and how much time you should devote to practicing your lines outside of class. If you are confused about something during lessons, ask questions and clarify expectations to avoid any uncertainty. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Any professional actor will tell you that becoming successful takes a lot of practice. While you may have a natural talent for acting, your skill will go to waste if you do not practice. Find a scene partner and run lines with them every day and before class and give each other acting tips. Get to know your classmates and form an acting group to practice outside of class. The more you practice, the more convincing you will be as an actor. 

Find a Mentor

Get to know the professional actors in your local community. Go to plays, join acting groups and make friends with people familiar with the local acting scene. Identify an experienced actor with whom you think you can learn. Ask that individual if you can run lines with them or if they have any tips for you. Don’t feel that you are a burden by asking for assistance. Many professionals enjoy sharing their knowledge and people who do not have the time will tell you.  Many of the most successful actors have mentors who have provided them with guidance throughout their careers. 

Network With Your Classmates

One of the best reasons to take an acting lesson or online music lessons is to meet people with similar interests. Get to know the other actors in your class and form friendships with people who have similar backgrounds. While your family and friends may be reluctant to practice with you day after day, other actors will welcome the opportunity and could give you more invaluable acting tips.

Develop a Ritual

Many actors find it helpful to develop rituals before they go on stage. Some listen to music while others read a book to relax. It can be comforting to create a routine that helps you unwind before a performance. Use your time in acting class as an opportunity to develop a ritual that works for you. Talk with your instructors and classmates and learn if they have practices that work for them. Try out their suggestions and find something that is best for you.

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Most valuable of all our Acting Tips: Don’t Take Criticism Personally

The main reason to enroll in an acting class is to practice your skills and get feedback from the instructor. Your instructor has experience in the industry and knows what it takes to be a successful actor or musician. It is their job to provide you with feedback. They are not doing their job if they praise you without giving any constructive criticism. It may also be part of the class curriculum for other students to provide feedback to other people in the class. Do not take the feedback personally. Feedback is given to help you grow. If someone offers feedback you disagree with, accept it with grace and move on.

Try an Acting Lesson. Broadway Music Lessons 

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6 Acting Tips to Succeed when Starting Acting Lessons | Broadway Lessons


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